Friday, January 8, 2010

Sort of Random

Thrill seeker, pleasure keeper,
momentary redemtion.
Driving us from salvation.

This is just a random thing... I do get requests from time to time from people asking to learn Norwegian, I usually start with showing them this video. Regardless of it being a curse word.

It is funny, it is true.. it will make it easier for me to just link people to here than all the way through searching up the video through my favs on youtube.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Congratulations all Women

We sat on soft pillows on the floor, the stage was set, the light was dim. Drums rolled in the background, soft but fast. A single woman wrapped in veils colored by the rainbow suddenly appeared. I could only see her eyes, and they looked straight at me. Her feet and the drums kept the same phase, quick and light. She danced so elegantly and yet so fierce. The flickering flames of all the candles around her reflected in her hair as the first veil became an extention of her movements. And not a fibre in me could imagine to look the other way.

Today's the international woman's day. A happy day to celebrate the female gender, with all her attributes and rights. I can't obviusly make a complete "yay this is so good" post, and fear not, there's a backside to this medal aswell.

If anything, this day should be used to remember all the women in this world who are not treated properly. And by "properly" I mean as equal to men. Nothing more or less. In many countries this is far from the reality. And how easey it is to point out a bunch of arab countries where women are forced to cover themselves, and where their testemony in a trial is worth less then that of a man. Or African countries where female circumcision is standard procedure. A procedure which kills and destroys lives every day.

The Suffragettes have done their job in the western world, but there's still more work that needs to be done.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Whale and Seal Fishing

It never crossed my mind as a kid, that my father could be wrong. He spoke with such conviction of the victory to come. And mother would nod in acceptance, adding her two cents of approval of the new system. I did not mind the uniforms, and it was fun to march like little soldiers. The sense of belonging, of achievement and something to strive for was so strong. We felt stronger by the day, and believed in every word. And father told me one day, looking up from the newspaper during brekfast; "I am so proud of you son, a prime soldier of Der F├╝hrer."

Just months later everything was turned up side down. We were the villains, but it took years to understand what we had done.

If there's one thing I am certain of, it is that knowledge is the key ingredient to making right decicions. Regularly I am debating with people about whale meat which I consider to be most delightful, and the fact that Norway hunt whales. The usual first comment I get goes in the lines of "Whales are a threatened species." And I'm always humored to correct that whales are not a species, but two sub orders containing around 40 species. Some threatened to near extinction, and some who's population is thriving. A blue-copy of this intro would be the start of a seal-fishing debate.

I guess we should get some facts down about Norwegian fishing policies.

  • Only one species of whale is hunted, the Minke whale.
  • Two species of seal are hunted for, Hooded Seal (which has not ben hunted for in 2007 or 2008 due to population uncertainties), and the Harp Seal.
  • Each year quotas for hunting these species ar given based on scientific recommandations from the ICES and NAFO.
  • Public inspectors must be onboard each seal catching ship, and all crew members must have gone through a course in the laws and regulations.
  • There is now a need to increase seal hunting due to population growth.
  • Norwegian seas are today of the richest in the world, and Norway remains one of the biggest and most successful fishing nations.
So what does this tell us? The seas of southern Europe are fished out, and Norway still manages to make a great income annualy without overfishing, they must be doing something right.

I could go into detail about fishing policies but that's not the point here. What brought me to this topic in the first place is a propsed EU resolution to ban all import of seal products. It is completely ridiculus and serves no purpose other then to harm the Norwegian fishing industry. The seal-fishing can today only be conducted through state funding, even though it is essential to keep the fragile balance in our seas.

Instead of "Save the seal" posters the enviromentalists need to wave "Save the sea" posters instead, and vote against this proposition.

Should anyone require further data:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Worst of Crimes

The internet is a meeting place for any and for all kinds of activities. This sadly includes child molesters posting and exchanging child pornography. I just watched an episode of Oprah about this and now I'm sitting here with a huge urge to first vomit, and secondly seek out and kill some pedophiles.

A close friend of mine was abused as a child, by her own father. In 3 out of 4 ceases it is someone close to the kid, which only makes it worse. It's a really sick world out there, pedophile networks produce how-to guides on making child pornography, making sure the kid will not be able to tell what happened or not resist abuse.

To sexually abuse a child is of the worst crimes I can imagine. You take an innocent little child and ruin it fysically and mentally just for own personal pleasure. Being alert and making sure your kids don't talk to strangers is not enough anymore. The police (in any nation I can think of) needs more funding to hunt down child molesters, and also the penalties are way too low. A perfectly reasonable penalty would be to chop off the abuser's private in addition to prison sentances and fines. A enuch cant repeat the crime.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Just figured I'd let ya'll know I now have three blogs, not just this one. I'll keep the politics stuck in Politisk Presis which I'm writing in Norwegian, and also just for the heck of it really I'm also writing The Random Item . Basicly just covering the weirdness of the world, will try to post daily there.

That's all I have to say today. cya lata.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Israel vs. Palestine

To have and to conquer these are the rules of war. We re-write the borders on the map, again and again. One empire dies as another rise. With the slashes of swords against skin have we shaped the world. Built cities, sacked, pillaged, established kingdoms and overthrown kings. In the end the only right you have to any land, is the right you can defend on the battlefield.

These last few days the middle-east conflict have yet again become a war. Israeli forces are moving inside Gaza, removing one target at the time. And knowing this will create hatred towards me I still feel obliged to say that I'm fully supportive of Israel's actions.

Norwegian media are mostly very pro-Palestine. And thus the lack of objective reports is a huge problem. I keep hearing about a humanitarian crisis, but the images from Gaza projected in the news dosn't show this. Why? They show civilians with injuries rushed to hospitals, but they are carried by men who appear both well dressed and fed. Last night they sent images of people fleeing the Gaza strip, with their sheep aswell. And to my eyes those sheep looked pretty well fed too. I can't see any humanitarian crisis as long as even the Palestinian-loving news channels fail to show it.

Also there's been alot of talk about the wall around Gaza. A problem with that is Israel does not surround Gaza. Take a look at the map if you don't believe me. Gaza has both a long coast-line which Israel has not shut off, and a borderline to Egypt. No one is yelling at Egypt for building a wall there though, funny isn't it?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Religious Rants

He held my hand with his hand so strong and firm, and all my body yearned to find a strenght like his. A source of hope and faith to hold on to in the darkest hours of the night. Yet as he turned around and dragged me across the moist grass of the garden the only strenght that kept me on my feet was his. I was like a leaf that shivers in the wind, horrified by the scenes I had just witnessed. The noise of gunshots and pain faded behind us as we ran. I had no thought of where we were heading to, or what intent he brought me away with. "Just any place but this." I told myself, not once did I pause to look back.

It's Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid..Well, in these jolly holidays I hope you're all enjoying a good time with family. I for one, become more aware of my religious beliefs, and there's a certain film I've wanted to have a little one on one with for a while. Now I've chosen the stage of battle. Apologies to those who don't enjoy a good read, this one's about to be a long one.

I hope the movie Zeitgeist is something you perhaps have heard about or seen, and not a film you validate as truthful. I have decided to use only what knowledge I already possess from research done for other reasons and tare this little piece of a poorly made attack on my religion to slitherines.

Do youself a favor and skip the first 10 minutes. They hold only a little joke about how the church always collects money, and tons of images of suffering people collected from a news channel website. Plus some crappy "doomsday" music.

Similar gods;

The comming of Jesus had been foretold for millenias before his comming. There are more similarities to predating divinities then those mentioned here as well. Such as the use of the pentagram and the nickname "morning star".

If you know some of the research done by Norwegian scientist Thor Heyerdal you'll be familliar with the fact that all these civillisations were at some point connected by sea. Even the Aztec, the Easter isles, Egypt, Greece and India had connections of trade and travel. And where people travel, so does stories, legends and myths.

So is it not possible that when the prophets foretold the comming of Christ, these stories travelled and changed slightly becomming these different myths from all over the world?

The date december 25th is not even mentioned in the bible. It gives not either a date or a year. The year has been roughly calculated by historians by examining the other events of the time. This year has later been re-calculated to be a little off, but details such as that has no importance really.

3 Kings? Funny enugh, the bible does not say there were 3 kings either. It only mentions 3 different gifts given by them, but does not point them out as the only gifts, or say that there were no other wise men, (correct, no kings at all, only an un-clear number of wise men.) At these two points Zeitgeist prooves to know nothing about Christianity, but merely the common simplified main stories bound to the religion, used to tell the word to small kids.

As for the sun being dead and ressurected, this is an interesting consept to originate from the middle-east region, which is so close to the equator that the visible journey of the sun is not really signifigant compared to by the poles. It is only the daily death and ressurection by the battle between Seth and Horus that has any actual sources.

Symbols, the encirceled cross is just one of houndreds of examples of a symbol whos signifigance has changed through time. Did you know the pentagram has only been connected with the devil the last centrury, and was prior to that a symbold of Christ's 5 wounds gained upon cruxifiction? Or where the nazi symbol originates?

And the transition of ages, it's a little farfetched to believe that the jewish people were so based on what is really greek mythology (the western zodiac), in a time where they had been enlaved in egypt for decades. And where they had done all they could to keep own culture. And dragging out single words and lines from the bible to suit your story is just too simple when taken into account just how many words there are in the bible. With a little determination you can easily make any text as extencive as the bible be about anything you want.

Matthews 28:20. This is just too ridiculus. The King James version of the bible has been thrown away long ago. It was too infected with political means of it's time. No Bibles printed today are based on it, but instead they are built from the earlier latin Vulgata. A far more accurate source. Again this movie shows it's lack of research basis, when using a"bible" that is not aknowledged as truthful by any right-minded christian today.

Oh and I do need to add before going on, Zeitgeist has an irritating habit of showing "lists of references" that slide just too fast for the viewers to actually read it. Annoying my ass off lol.

Flood:Stories of great floods are found all around the world. From Norse mythology to ancient China. Especially in the Mesopotania region where the rivers Eurfrat and Tigris may have caused several floods. According to Zeitgeist the epic of Gilgamesh predates Christianity, That alone is a pointless statement. Seeing as that this Babylonian myth originates from a later time than the story about Noah. Itis born in a later and more advanced civillization. Anyone tell me how the copy can predate the original? Also, thought being similar on the surface the two myths have strong contradictive contents. The epic of Gilgamesh depics the flood as un-reasoned for wrath by the gods, who at the end of the story gathers like humble repenting flies around the sacrifice Gilgamesh makes. And whilst Noah goes out to warn the people around him, Gilgamesh does his best to leave everyone happily ignorant, leaving them to die.

There is massive geological, archeological and historical evidence of a huge flood in the Mesopotanian area which may or may not be the origin of these tales. Yet that will not by itself explain similar stories found in the rest of the world.

And again with Moses as described before, myths and stories travel around the world, and they were altered slightly from lack of written sources and accurate translations. To find similar stories are not a proof against the existance of an actual person, but rather they point to a common origin that must have had a high enough importance to be kept alive through tales.

Fanatic Christans who think the world is 12.000 years old... (I've never heard 12.000 used before either, usually they say 6.000.) Well, altho I find them funny the mockery of Zeitgeist is really taking free speech a little too far.

Historical evidence of Christ:

First there's the list shown of historians living at the time of Jesus Christ who have not written about him. Notice how many of these names sound latin? Jesus was concidered a threat to the Roman empire, a heretic by the pharisees, convicted and executed for these crimes. It was feared that he would cause an uprising by the jews, and overthrow the Roman rule to become king himself. Or that should his story somehow be given truth he would become a martyr, again perhaps cause an uprising. Anyone who wrote about this Jesus-character would indirectly consent to liberation of Judea, hence committing treason to Rome. The story had to be kept down, not forwarded. Especially after the body of Jesus disappeared from the grave.

And yet, 4 historians do write about him? Tell me about another person who's entire life was to be forgotten by demand of the highest authority at that time that has been described by 4 historians? Also Zeitgeist ignores the apostels and everyone else named in the bible as historians.

Christian History:
Yes Christianity was severely misused by authority during the dark ages, like many other religions before and after it. (just look at fundamentalistic islamic terrorist groups today). You won't find many Christians today defending the crusades or the inquisition. And the Catholic church is no longer as single-handed dominating in the Christian world as it was, since other sects have risen and diverted from it, or it's oldest opponent; The Orthodox Church.

I'll be more then delighted to have a proper debate regarding my faith with anyone who can offer factual arguments. However in this attempt Zeitgeist has fallen short. And I'm sadly dissappointed that I'm able to argument and shatter every single of it's "points" without needing to do any research beyond my current knowledge.

Will anyone take the challenge?